Common Misconceptions Concerning Child Welfare Cases In Canada

Posted on: 2 February 2015

Protecting the lives of children should be a top priority for any public commission. This is why there is so much attention and focus given to child welfare in provinces across Canada. Child abuse provokes a lot of negative response in general because it is an emotional topic. Therefore, common misconceptions are bound to come into play. If you are involved a child abuse report or case against you as a guardian, it is imperative that you get your facts from a family lawyer. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions concerning child welfare cases.

Misconception: If you are reported to child welfare, your children will be taken from the home immediately.

Fact: It can be very alarming to see a child welfare official show up at your door. Unfortunately, a lot of the fear is a result of this common misconception. Canadian child welfare workers are not out to gather up children from every home they get a report on. However, they do have a responsibility to follow up on every report they get to make sure a child is not in danger. Workers will only come to the home to assess the situation. Only if the home is found unsafe due to immediate danger will the children be removed.

Misconception: Once children are taken out of the home, it can be very difficult to get them back.

Fact: The goal of child protection is to keep children in the home with their parents if it is possible at all. Therefore, child welfare will work with parents who have lost their children to help them achieve a safe living environment. This can mean parenting classes, drug rehabilitation, nurturing and development education, and even helping parents find suitable housing and employment if necessary. The extent of the abusive or neglectful situation will determine how much of a chance there is that children can be placed back in the home.

Misconception: If you report a case of child abuse or neglect, you will have to be involved in the case against the parents.

Fact: In any situation where abuse is suspected, it is imperative to contact local authorities or child protection agencies. Failure to report when you suspect a child is in danger can leave a possibility of a child being harmed severely, either physically or emotionally. Reports can be made anonymously in most cases. If criminal charges may be a possibility, such as with violent abuse or sexual misconduct, your testimony may be required, however.

If you have questions about contacting child welfare services to file a report of neglect or abuse, or you have a case against you, it is crucial to find legal advice from a family lawyer at a law firm like Dunsmuir Ridler.  Getting the facts will help you make the best decisions.


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