Learn About The Different Types Of Adoption

Posted on: 5 February 2015

If you are planning on adopting a child, it is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. When you begin looking into adoption, you may find that the biggest choice is often deciding on the type of adoption. There are many different types of adoptions to choose from:

Agency Adoption

One of the more common types of adoption is an agency adoption. This means you go through either a private or public agency that helps birth parents connect with potential adoptive parents. The agency's goal is to provide information about potential adoptive parents to people who are expecting or have a child they want to find a home for.

You will go through a home study and wait for the agency to call you after a birth parent chooses you. In terms of public agencies, this often occurs after a child becomes a ward of the state.

Open Vs. Closed Adoption

An open or closed adoption is a choice given to you if you choose different types of adoptions, including a private or agency adoption. An open adoption means you are agreeing to give photographs and updates to the biological parents after the adoption is complete.

The terms are what you and the biological parent agree to. They may want visits in person, or only updates by phone or email with the occasional photograph. A closed adoption means all ties are cut after the child is adopted, and often the preferred method.

Independent Adoption

If you prefer not going through an adoption agency, you can choose an independent adoption. With this type of adoption, you will not involve an agency, but instead deal with the birth parents directly. You should also have some kind of intermediary, such as a doctor or attorney.

Even if you don't, it is highly recommended that you have a good family lawyer who deals with adoptions of this type. They will make sure all local regulations are being followed. Some areas do not allow independent adoptions, so you should be aware of this before you continue with this option.

Identified Adoption

This type of adoption is a combination of an independent adoption and agency adoption. With an identified adoption, the adopting parents and birth parents find each other, and agree that that the adopting parents will adopt the birth parents child. In order to make it legal and go through the right steps, they will then contact an adoption agency to get help with the rest of the process. This is another situation where you should also have an adoption lawyer.


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