Evidence & Proof You Need Custody of Your Grandchild

Posted on: 8 April 2015

Do you have a grandchild that you worry about every day because their parent isn't capable of caring for them? Is the child in danger, neglected or unsafe? If so, and you want to get custody of the child, you want to call a family lawyer and get help.

If you already watch the child most of the time, or if you have a lot of evidence against the parent proving that you are a more capable parent, it shouldn't be difficult to get a judge to go in your favor. Here are a few things you'll want to provide for the lawyer.

Evidence of Stability & Qualifications

Do you have a stable job, room in your home for the child, and the means to provide for them? Are you already doing that? Bring this information and proof of income with you so that the lawyer can showcase that you are more than capable of raising the child, until the parent can get fix their life or take back over.

Proof of Neglect & Improper Care

Can you show that the parent is doing drugs, drinking alcohol around the child, neglecting to clean or feed them, or that they are abusing the child in some way? This proof is crucial for the case. The lawyer also may want the child to talk with a caseworker, so the caseworker can make a report about the child's mental state, and how comfortable they feel at home with their parent.

School Information

Is the child doing poorly in school because they have no one making them do homework at home, or because they have no structure? Do they miss out on school activities or go to school dirty? These are things the teachers can report, and they may fill out a statement about the child's academic performances, or signs of trouble at home.

Your family lawyer will first reach out to the parent and see if they want to give the child up willingly. If they do, then it should be easy to get the paperwork arranged for this to happen, and for you to get the child in your custody. If not, the case will have to go through the court system, and you will have to get approval. This is going to take more time and cost money, but it is worth it if you feel your grandchild is in danger.


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