Were You Fired Without Substantial Reasons? Call A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 30 April 2015

If you have been let go from your job but you think it's because of personal reasons instead of because of your job performance, you want to meet with an employment lawyer. If you were fired unfairly, you could be eligible to get compensation, even if you don't want your job back.

There are set laws and guidelines required by each state when it comes to firing someone, and your lawyer will need to start gathering information.  Here are a few things you want to gather for your lawyer.

Proof of Employment

Do you have pay stubs or tax returns to show how much you were making, and the tax information from the employer?  The lawyer will need to have this information when they file the lawsuit. You want to write down the exact amount of time you worked there, how your pay increased or changed, and your job description.

Reason for Termination

What was the reason why the company said they were terminating you? Was it because of poor work performance? Can you prove that you exceeded expectations or performed your job at a satisfactory level? Did they say that you did something wrong, but you can prove you didn't do anything that was against company policy? These are the types of things the lawyer is going to need to put a case together.

Showing that you had a long history with the company where you were credited for your hard work, and that you were an asset to the company's success is ideal.

Proof of Wrong Doing

Did the company fire you so they could hire a different employee that didn't deserve your position? Did they do it so they could hire a family member or friend in the position? These are things that are illegal, and your lawyer will need to have the names of these people. Were you terminated because you knew of illegal activity going on throughout the company? You'll take a risk stating you knew the information without reporting it, but you can use it to your advantage.

Your lawyer will contact the company to get more information, and the company may want to work out a deal with you instead of taking the risk of going to court and losing the case. Call a lawyer right away before the company has time to try to build a case against you with your work history.


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