How You Could Be Blamed For Your Worker's Compensation Claim

Posted on: 20 May 2015

Injuries that happen while on the job can be difficult to deal with. You will want to get the compensation you deserve, but run the risk of ruining your relationship with your employer in the process. There is a chance that your employer will not be supportive, and try to find a way to put the blame on you for your work related injury. A company will not want to pay any more than they need to due to your injury, which is why they might try to use one of these three reasons to blame you for what happened.

Not Following The Company Safety Policy Caused You To Get Hurt

Safety policies are in place for a couple of reasons. Not only are they to protect you from being injured, but to protect your employer from financial liability. If you are injured on the job, be prepared for your employer to try and find any safety guidelines that were broken, and blame your injury because of it.

If it is discovered that you were violating company safety protocols, you are not completely out of luck with receiving compensation. It may mean that you'll receive a portion of what you were requesting.

You Were Technically Not Working When The Injury Occurred

After you punch out for the day, it is best to leave anything that needs to be done for the start of the next workday. If the injury occurs outside of your contracted hours, an employer may claim that they are not responsible for your actions since you were not getting paid at the time.

Not being on the clock shouldn't be a viable excuse to avoid paying your worker's compensation claim. Your employer must always provide a safe working environment at all times. Just because it is after 5pm, it does not mean that they can provide a workplace that is not safe to be in. If your employer uses this claim, they can still be found liable if the work conditions were not safe.

Your Injury Was Related To A Preexisting Injury

You may have needed to fill out a form before the start of your employment stating any pre-existing injuries that you had. This may come back to haunt you if your pre-existing injury was what you injured during the accident. For example, you hurt a knee that you had surgery on once before.

If your employer is planning on fighting back when you file a worker's compensation claim, hire lawyers that can help get you get the compensation you deserve. 


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