Answers to 2 of Your Most Pressing Questions about Hiring a Notary

Posted on: 2 July 2015

If you need to make a document or statement as legally binding for all concerned parties as possible, but do not want to involve a lawyer, it is a good idea to use a notary to authenticate a written agreement.  A Canadian notary has received special training and certification by a governing agency, and when they notarize an agreement, it is more likely to be legally binding. 

What Services Can a Notary Provide?

A notary will typically need to see you and the other parties involved in an agreement sign the document, and you will also be asked to provide a valid form of identification. The notary will then cast a seal with their information upon the document. Banks often hire notaries, and some notaries choose to provide their services from home, so they are typically easy to locate, even in the middle of the night. 

However, it's often surprising to discover that their services are not limited strictly to written documentation. They can also give evidence that they witnessed a client making certain oaths, like affidavits that will be presented in court. You would be allowed to make the oath or statement to a notary and then they would provide you with a written documentation of your statement. Your statement would typically be eligible for submission to the courts.    

It is also a good idea to remember that if your important statement or paperwork needs to be sent outside of Canada, you should always have it notarized. Few courts or governmental entities would accept a document that was not made official in some manner, 

How Much Will It Cost to Have Something Notarized?

One interesting aspect of a notary public is that there are no set fees for their services. Although you should always expect to pay something for the service, you can also call around to determine what the average price might be for your part of Canada. 

It will also be helpful to determine if each page of a long contract or agreement must be notarized or if simply the first or last page will be sufficient. You would typically be responsible for the fees for each time that the notary provided a certification. 

In conclusion, a notary in Canada may work in a bank, a law office, or out of their own home. It is not unusual to find a notary who works on-call or from home in order to make paperwork of virtually any type more official or binding. If you need a notary, they are easy to find. Consider contacting the Integra Law Group for more information about notaries.


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