Should I Hire A Lawyer To Write My Will?

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Many people are beginning to write their wills well in advance, which gives you the option of creating several successive edits and additions, should you choose to. It also helps you to be prepared in case of an untimely end. But another advantage is that it allows you to work with a wills and estate planning lawyer, more commonly referred to as a family lawyer, to create a bulletproof legal will. There are some advantages and disadvantages to hiring a family lawyer for your will, so here are some of the main considerations. 

Hiring a Lawyer

There are several reasons to hire a wills and estate planning lawyer for your will creation. First of all, the lawyer can simplify the process by making sure that your will complies with local laws. This is important in case someone disputes your will after your death. The family lawyer can also be hired to carry out the statements in your will when the time is right. 

Creating Your Own Will

On the other hand, if you have a simple case, then creating your own will can be an option. There are a few guidelines to follow. For instance, you should leave your spouse at least half of your assets or they may be able to take legal action. You also must consider how much of your assets will go towards securing your children's future. The laws for creating a binding will vary by state, and a bit of research can turn up your options for creating a will on your own. 

How to Decide?

Your decision may depend on how complicated your case is. If you have a lot of assets and/or a lot of dependents, then you may want to hire a law firm to make sure that you're distributing them legally and that no one else can take claim to assets you've set aside for a particular person. This is important if you feel that someone in the family will contest your will and delay the process. There are a few other tricky situations, such as if you wish to disinherit a spouse or if you have a business in your name whose assets you're unsure how to distribute. 

So in short, if you want to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row in case of emergency, it's a good idea to hire a wills and estate planning lawyer like one from Kobewka Stark Law Office to help you write your will. This can save you time and money by watching errors up front and making sure that your last wishes are carried out as you intended. 


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