6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted on: 10 May 2017

Bringing a car accident lawsuit against someone else involves a lot of documents and careful preparation. The entire process can be quite complex and stress you out after a while. Unfortunately, the more overwhelmed you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes that may jeopardize your case. That's why it is important to stay calm and follow your lawyer's instructions as closely as possible. Here are six common mistakes you will want to avoid in a car accident lawsuit:

Not Watching What You Post on Social Media

During a car accident investigation, insurance adjusters will be watching you very closely, including what you post on your social media accounts. They are looking to find ways to prove that you might not be as injured as you claim to be. For example, if you suffered a back injury from a car accident and posted photos of yourself hiking on your Facebook page, insurance adjusters might use that against you in court. It's best to refrain posting about your activities on your social media accounts during the investigation.

Failing to Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you don't feel any discomfort or pain after a car accident, you might not feel that it is necessary to see a doctor. This is the wrong way to think. Some car accident injuries aren't present immediately, but it is still important to get examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. A doctor can recognize symptoms that you may have missed and can determine if you suffered serious injuries or not. Also, if you wait too long to see a doctor after the accident, insurance adjusters may try to argue that you aren't too badly hurt.

Talking to Insurance Adjusters

After a car accident, insurance adjusters will likely want to talk to you about your injuries. No matter how friendly they seem, don't talk to these insurance adjusters without a lawyer. They are trained to convince individuals to accept low settlements and may trick you into saying something that might hurt your case. 

Waiting Too Long to File a Lawsuit

The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit differs from state to state. Some states may give you four years while others may only give you two years. If you miss the deadline, you lose the right to sue for compensation. That is why it's important to begin the process as soon as possible. The sooner you hire an experienced civil attorney to take your case, the sooner you can obtain the compensation you deserve and put this mess behind you.

Failing to Take Photos of Your Injuries

It's really true that a picture is worth a thousands words, especially when it comes to your injuries. Clear photos of the injuries you suffered from the car accident show that you were indeed badly hurt. If you don't take photos of your visible injuries as soon as possible and they eventually heal, there won't be evidence that they existed. 

Not Hiring a Reputable Lawyer

While it is possible to bring a car accident lawsuit on your own, it isn't advised. A car accident lawsuit can get complex, and it helps to have an experienced civil lawyer guide you through the process. He or she can help you gather the evidence you need, negotiate with insurance companies and represent you in court. With a trusted lawyer on your side, you can improve your chance of obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. The majority of civil lawyers won't charge you for the initial consultation, so it you will not lose anything by just speaking to one.

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