You And Your Spouse Can Spend Fair Amounts Of Time With Your Teenage Children And Help Them Cope If A Divorce Is Imminent

Posted on: 18 June 2017

If you and your spouse recently split up and are seeking a divorce, ensuring that your teenage children spend quality time with each parent is important and will provide your kids with a solid, loving foundation. The following tips will assist with providing you and your spouse a fair amount of time with your children and will help your offspring accept the fact that you and your partner will no longer be residing together. 

Consultation With An Attorney And Mediator

After you meet with a divorce firm such as Begley Carlin & Mandio LLP to discuss the divorce proceedings, consider sitting down with a mediator and your entire family to talk about the separation. A basic overview of what the children can expect and reassurance that both you and your spouse still care for your children will help your children remain confident and feel loved throughout the divorce process.

Ask your lawyer if they could refer you to a mediator who practices nearby. A mediator will meet with you and your spouse and encourage both of you to voice opinions to one another without being judged in a harsh manner. Your children can also meet with the mediator and can voice any concerns and seek additional information about their future living arrangements with you and your spouse. 

Visitation Schedule And Regular Phone Calls

During the meeting with a mediator, attempt to discuss a visitation schedule with your spouse that is fair to both of you. Consider jobs and responsibilities that would prevent either of you from spending time with your kids and decide upon times for each person that would allow them to focus fully on the children.

After devising a schedule, discuss a phone call schedule. If your children own cell phones, you both may decide to call the kids at a specific time of the day when they are staying with the other parent. If you opt for a more flexible schedule, both of you should be mindful of the other parent's privacy and refrain from calling at early or late hours of the day. 

Additional Time Together During Special Occasions

If a special occasion arises that both parents would like to attend, preparations can be made that will allow both of you to be present. A birthday or graduation are two occasions that you and your spouse may wish to partake in. Discuss arrangements prior to your divorce so that you will both be prepared to accommodate each other's needs in unique situations. Your children will be appreciative that they are able to share special moments with their parents and nobody will feel left out.   


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