3 Tips For Making This Summer Easier On Your Child Following Your Divorce

Posted on: 22 June 2017

If you and your partner just got divorced, here are a few tips that will make being divorced this first summer easier on your child. For these tips to work, you are going to need to work together with your spouse to make the summer great for your child.

#1 Camps

First, if your child typically attends camps in the summer, make an effort to get them into the same camps that they usually attend. For example, if you usually send your child to soccer camp or if they spend three weeks at the local YMCA day camp, make sure that you do the same thing this summer.

This will help establish a sense of flow from summers past and will show your child that although so much is changing right now in their life, not everything has to change all at once. This is a great way to give your child a sense of routine this summer.

#2 Friends

If your child typically spends time hanging out with their friends this summer, make sure that you and your spouse budget time in for your child's friends. Yes, both you and your spouse are going to want to spend time with your child, but don't get so stuck up on fighting over who gets time with your child that you forget who your child wants to spend time with. Be sure to let your child know that they can go to sleepovers, visit friends or hang out with friends during the day just like a normal summer. Don't make your child feel stressed over the time that they spend with you and your spouse.

#3 Family

If your child usually goes and spends a week with a grandma or aunt and uncle during summer vacation, work with your spouse to make that part of the custody arrangements for the summertime. Once again, your child should be able to continue to do the things that define summer for them and shouldn't have to worry about who "has" them and if they will be able to visit their family like they normally do.

The key to making summer great for your child is to work with your spouse to ensure that your child is able to do the normal summertime things that they like to do, such as go to camp, hang out with friends and visit relatives, without feeling stress or worried about how much time they spend with each parent. You two should also make an effort to come up with new and fun things to do together with your child to replace any family summer traditions that you once had together. 

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