A Dash Cam May Save You In Or Before Court

Posted on: 22 August 2017

It's not wise to think of road accidents as distant "ifs" to be worried about later. In addition to the many safety concerns, you could lose a lot of money and privileges if you're involved with the wrong legal opponent in an accident, especially if it's a case of fraud that you can't easily escape. Here are a few ways that a dash cam can help you avoid lies, mistakes, and frivolous claims on the road.

How Do Dash Cams Help?

In many accidents, the legal argument comes down to one question: who made the biggest mistake? If you hit the back of a car, was it because you were following close, or did the person in front of you slam on the brakes too hard? Was a pedestrian running across the highway nowhere near a crosswalk, or without a proper crosswalk signal? All of these questions can be answered or at least clarified with a camera.

In the most basic configuration, a dash cam is installed at the front of the car. A good dash cam model will have a wide view that captures the entire windshield area and some of its peripheral (side) view, and will have enough storage to save multiple days of video before.

For effective protection, it's best to have at least two cameras; one to record the front, and another to record the back. With this kind of coverage, you can protect yourself against accusations that come from front and rear-end collisions while covering most side view issues.

Protecting Against Fraud And Malicious Intent

Many accidents have collision and damage indications that show what happened, and the most common legitimate argument is whether a rear-end collision is the fault of the rear or front vehicle. It's usually the rear vehicle at fault, but the camera can show a more nuanced story.

The trickier incidents involve fraud. Although it's not highly common, there's no shortage of people throwing themselves in front of stopped or slow-moving cars, or backing up into other vehicles to simulate a rear-end collision.

If there's no one around to see the faked incident, or if the fake is really convincing, a camera can give you the evidence needed to avoid prosecution. A few insurance fraud dash cam videos can help you understand how the fakes happen and may help you in processing the "how?" and "why?" of this bizarre form of fraud. 

Be careful, as some people are tempted to give away their dash cam position to expose the guilty party on the spot. A desperate or angry enough opponent may try to steal your camera, destroy the evidence, or resort to violence after hearing the news. Save it for when the police arrive, and keep yourself safe in the vehicle until then.

A lawyer is necessary to use the evidence effectively. Don't release the video to the public or attempt any changes without consulting a lawyer first, because even if you have a clear case of fraud, any form of public shaming or tampering could jeopardize your claim.

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