How To Handle Two Children Going To Jail At One Time

Posted on: 12 December 2017

A pair or siblings getting arrested at the same time is not unheard of. Running into trouble with the law is just as likely to happen in pairs as it is while alone. If you are a parent and your children have gone to jail at the same time, you may be frantic to get them out of jail. Not only will you have to check two people out of jail, you may also find yourself having to pay two different bails. Though signing on two different bail bonds is allowed, it can be what comes next that has a lot to deal with. Here are a few tips for dealing with your children getting arrested at the same time:

Have them retain an attorney

No matter the charges for the crime, your children will need to seek immediate representation. If you are on a low income, you can ask the bail bondsmen if they know of attorneys that work on payment plans or work specifically with those who have low incomes. Seek out representation the day that your children are released to talk about the incident. The sooner that your children have an attorney to represent them, the faster you will be able to move to clear any issues. 

Make them stay together

Even if your children are adults who have moved out, moving them back inside of your home is a good idea. Having them stay together means that it is easier for you to keep your eye on them. As the person who is responsible for their bail, if they do not show for any court appearances, you will be on the hook for the entire amount of the bail. If one person does not show up, it can also affect the defense for both of your children. Keeping your children together where the family can keep a firm eye on them will make things easier for your nerves and their legal needs. 

Provide the same punishment

If both children go along with a bad idea, they tend to get the same punishment. Even after getting older, it is a good idea to provide the same punishment. Punishments such as restitution to the offended parties or volunteering can be two options for those who have gotten into legal trouble by making bad choices. Receiving a punishment from parents and the legal system simultaneously is enough to make most children think twice. 

Contact a local bail bonds company for more information and assistance. 


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