What To Do If You Want To Own A Bar

Posted on: 16 January 2018

If you have decided that you are ready to make your dream of owning your own bar a reality for yourself, it is time to get serious about all of the things that you are going to need to do. In order to help ensure that your first bar does not end up in trouble, you will want to make good use of the following tips.

Find The Best Location For Your Establishment

You not only need to make sure that the place would be ideal for your future customers, but it most likely needs to be approved by the local town authority. You will need their approval in order to sell alcohol at that location. If you can, you could look for a place that used to be a fully functioning bar, but is now empty and up for sale. At least then a lot of what you need to furnish the place may already be there. Plus, you know that that location was already approved for the sale of alcohol.

Get Your Liquor Licensing Taken Care

It is important to know that even if you plan to open your bar at a location that has always been a bar, you still need to obtain your liquor license. This is because you are starting a brand new business under your name. You have to receive the proper license in order to sell any alcohol. If you were to attempt to conduct your business without this license, your establishment would be shut down, and you would receive a large fine. You may also be prohibited from ever running a bar, or any other establishment that sells alcohol, from that point forward. 

Start Looking For Qualified Staff

Even if you plan on working in the bar, you cannot be there all of the time and when you are there, it would be impossible for you to do every job. This is why it is important to hire others that will help you. While you might have the urge to hire some friends or family that are in need of a job, unless they have experience working in a bar, that might not be the best thing when you are first opening. You will want to look for people who have bar tending skills so you will know that your customers will be well taken care of and you will not lose a lot of money because drinks are not mixed properly.

With those few points in mind, you should be much more prepared to start the work that needs done in order to get your new bar fully operational. Contact a company, like Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants, for more help.


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