3 Slip And Fall Myths Dispelled

Posted on: 13 April 2018

Slipping and falling is one of the more common ways that individuals will suffer serious injuries. While the injuries from these accidents can be costly and disruptive, many victims will simply fail to consider the full range of options that are available to them.

Myth 1: The Ground Must Be Wet To Claim Slip And Fall

A common assumption that slip and fall accident victims will have is that the ground must have been wet for them to be able to file a slip and fall claim. While spills, leaks and other sources of moisture can leave slippery and hazardous spots on the ground, there are many other instances where this type of claim may be possible. For example, if a person falls due to there being a hole in the floor or other materials that could trip them, it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Myth 2: A Lawsuit Will Have To Be Filed To Receive Compensation For The Slip And Fall Injuries

Being involved in a lawsuit can be an intimidating experience for a person to go through. This can cause individuals to fail to file this type of claim because they may assume that a lawsuit will always be necessary. However, this is not necessarily the case as the insurance for the person responsible for the slip and fall will likely be willing to settle this type of claim. The negotiations for this settlement may be very delicate, and you should generally leave this part of the process to your attorney. If these negotiations fail to resolve the matter in a fair way, you may have no other choice but to file a lawsuit, but it can be wise to attempt a negotiated solution first.

Myth 3: Attorneys Will Require You To Pay Upfront

Having access to experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel can be indispensable during the process of settling a slip and fall claim. Yet, many individuals will simply attempt to handle these cases without seeking professional help. This is often the result of the incorrect idea that an attorney will require their fees to be paid upfront. While this is the billing structure that is generally used by defense lawyers, the same is not true for plaintiff attorneys. These individuals will almost always have a contingency fee structure that will prevent the client from needing to pay anything unless the case is successful. Furthermore, many attorneys will offer free consultations for new clients so that any basic questions about the facts of the case can be addressed.

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