Three Dog-Related Behaviors That Can Lead To An Accident

Posted on: 22 August 2018

Being in a car accident is bad, but being the cause of the accident and ending up embroiled in legal action is worse. A good car accident attorney will build a case to support you, but there can often be times when you were clearly responsible for the accident, and this can be difficult to defend. For instance, lots of people travel with dogs, and many don't take a smart approach in doing so. You don't need to look for too long to find a driver who appears to be distracted by his or her dog. Make sure to avoid these behaviors so that you don't make this mistake.

Keeping the Dog on Your Lap

Whether your dog gets anxious in the car and you want to calm it down, or you simply enjoy the pet's company, it might be tempting to have the canine on your lap while you drive. Doing so is extremely irresponsible. When your dog is seated on your lap, it's attracting at least some of your attention — and this means that you're paying less attention to the road in front of you. If you were to get into an accident, it wouldn't be a stretch for the police officer to surmise that your pet's location distracted you, and this could result in charges.

Letting the Dog Roam Free

If you don't want the dog on your lap while you drive, you might simply allow it to go free. The problem with this idea is that the animal can still distract you. For example, if it's running back and forth across the back seat and pawing at the windows, you'll often find yourself turning your head to see what the animal is doing. Similarly, if you have children in the back seat with the pet, you might often look over your shoulder to see how things are going. Either behavior can take your attention off the important task at hand.

Allowing the Dog to Hang out the Window

Dogs often enjoy access to fresh air while they're in vehicles, and you may find that an anxious dog calms down a little when you lower the window by a few inches. You should stop, however, before you lower the window far enough that the dog hangs its upper body out. This is not only dangerous for the dog, but it can be yet another canine-related distraction that could increase your chance of causing an accident and facing driving charges. In the event of a car accident for any reason, including the presence of your dog, consult with a car accident attorney. To learn more, talk to companies like Catherine G. Langlois Professional Corp.


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