Should You Worry About Scooter Injuries?

Posted on: 8 April 2019

If you have already spotted those nifty electric scooters lying around your area, you aren't alone. Many companies are taking advantage of the popularity of these new scooters, which are easy to ride and relatively affordable. The only problem? They may not be as safe as you think. Communities are expressing growing concern for issues, including the potential for injuries.

How Do Scooter Accidents Happen?

Scooter accidents can happen in many different situations, even though the scooters may not move very quickly. A rider could hit an uneven sidewalk, or perhaps a property owner has set items out on the sidewalk to block the pathway. In other situations, cars don't look for scooters crossing the street, or perhaps the scooter itself is defective and malfunctions while the rider is using it.

In some cases, pedestrians are hit by scooters, perhaps because they have lost control over the device or they were simply unseen.

What Injuries Are Common on Scooters?

Scooter accidents come in all varieties, and many are serious. Scooter injuries include brain injuries, head trauma, concussions, broken bones, bone fractures, and even spinal cord injuries. In addition, some people may hit their face on the ground or other nearby objects, leading to trauma and even dental issues.

These injuries can be difficult to contend with, even if they are not extremely serious. You may need to come to the emergency room, get x-rays, or even undergo surgery that has other lasting consequences. As a result, you could even find yourself unable to go to work. You lose money as a result, all the while draining your savings because you need treatment quickly.

Then, there are some cases in which people who are pedestrians are injured by scooters. These injuries may be similar to those associated with getting hit by a bike or other motor vehicle.

What Should You Do About Scooter Injuries?

If you think you might have a scooter injury, you first need to seek medical attention. Based on the injuries you face, you may have the opportunity to seek legal recourse. You may be able to sue the scooter company, another driver, another scooter user, or even the city based on the injuries you have.

The best way to go about all of this? Hire a personal injury attorney like those at Carter & Fulton, P.S. Your attorney will help you file the lawsuit, manage documentation and evidence, and help you get through the trial itself. Hiring an attorney helps take the stress off of you.


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