What Is An Apostille And How Do You Get One?

Posted on: 27 April 2020

You might have been told that you need to get an apostille in order to apply for a job or to prove you are married outside of the country. The term might be a bit confusing to you if you haven't heard it before. It's simply a legal term meaning a form of authentication of documents to use within those countries that are included in the Hague Convention.

What is an apostille and how do you get one if you need it? Here is some more information about apostilles.

What Is An Apostille?

An apostille is simply a way to authenticate important documents you have such as diplomas, transcripts from schools, marriage certificates, power of attorney and job certifications for use overseas should you decide to move there, work there for a time, or are doing volunteer work where you need to prove you are qualified.

An apostille is issued by the Office of the Secretary of State for your home state. You can be either a US citizen or a foreign national who is a permanent resident living in the United States who has obtained a degree, married or even adopted a child within the country.

How Do You Get An Apostille?

To get an apostille, you will need all the original documentation you want to authenticate. If you have a certified copy instead, you may be able to use that as well. You will need the name of the country that is wanting your documentation and the address to where you want it mailed once it's authenticated. You will also have to provide your phone number to answer any questions that might arise.

For those needing an apostille for a minor such as their own child, put your own name or the person requesting the authentification instead of the name of the child.

Send a check or money order along with your documentation to your Secretary of State in the amount indicated by them.

Document Guidelines

Each state has its own requirements for signatures or notary republic authenticated documents before you can send them to receive an apostille. Check with your state to see what might be required of you depending on which type of documents you need to send.

For example, you might need a principal's signature on documentation for elementary or high school transcripts. The same could be true of a high school diploma depending on state. Marriage certificates might need to be certified by a health officer or state registrar before being sent to apostille. Get help from professionals like Russian Divorce for proper assistance.


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