Repetitive Motion Injury: Do You Need An Industrial Attorney's Help?

Posted on: 29 July 2022

If you suffer from severe carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, or another repetitive motion injury sustained from your industrial job, speak to an industrial accident attorney soon. Repetitive motion injuries occur in people who can't take regular breaks from their job or another task. The injuries can make it nearly impossible for the individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about repetitive motion injuries and how an industrial accident attorney can help you below. 

How Did You Receive a Repetitive Motion Injury?

Industrial jobs are some of the toughest professions known today. The difficult tasks workers must complete each day can take a toll on their health, especially if the individuals work without regularly scheduled breaks. Breaks allow your body to rest between tasks. If your body doesn't rest between tasks, you can develop a repetitive motion injury.

Repetitive motion injuries occur when you overuse the same muscles, joints, or other parts of your body, such as your hands, fingers, or back. The injuries generally affect the nerves surrounding the overused body part. Nerves can become inflamed, suppressed, or both.

If you need assistance receiving medical care or compensation for your repetitive motion injury, contact an industrial accident attorney now.

How Can an Industrial Accident Attorney Assist You?

Industrial accident attorneys work on all types of job-related incidents, including repetitive motion injuries. You don't need to be in an accident to obtain services from an attorney. However, you must have an industrial-related injury to qualify for assistance.

An industrial accident attorney may need to know more about your duties at work before they can file a personal injury claim or case for you. Industrial workers can experience repetitive motion injuries if they repeatedly carry out a task without breaks, such as:

  • stooping to pick up or remove lumber and other debris
  • stretching their arms above their heads to operate industrial machinery
  • walking up and down aisles to deliver raw materials from one location to another

After an attorney examines your injury and how you received it, they'll pursue your employer for compensation. An attorney may need to investigate your employer's workplace habits and requirements. If your employer schedules workers without the proper break times, a lawyer may be able to add the information to your claim. 

An attorney may also ask a third-party medical provider to examine your injury. A physician can take X-rays of your injury to see where the inflammation and damage is in it. 

If you need help receiving compensation for your repetitive motion injury, consult a local law office, like Hoines Law Office, P.C.


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