Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Tips To Help You Collect Substantive Evidence

Posted on: 27 September 2022

You may sustain injuries when someone's dog attacks you or if you consume a defective product. Also, falls and slips, food poisoning, a reckless driver, a negligent nursing home, premises liability, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents could also be a cause. Of course, you would want to take a legal approach so the negligent party can compensate you. However, the legal process is usually rigorous, and you must prove they were negligent to be compensated. So you must collect substantive evidence to stand a better chance. And since gathering it may be tricky for you, here are three simple things you can do.

Write Everything Down

It's one thing to figure out how you sustained the injuries, and it's another thing to remember everything that happened a few hours later. So you shouldn't entirely trust your memory because you could quickly forget some of the facts you need to solidify your case. For this reason, you should quickly write down everything that happens before it evaporates. Then share whatever you write with a personal injury lawyer so they can organize your case. The strength of every personal injury case depends on the details and facts you have. 

Inspect the Accident Scene

As a victim, you should inspect the accident scene to collect more reliable details. Remember that the lawyer and judge may demand to know what happened at the scene. The incidents that took place at the scene will either strengthen or break your case. If you fell or slipped due to faulty equipment at the workplace, you should inspect it to confirm it was faulty. And if you got injured in an auto accident, investigate the scene to know why the accident occurred.

Take Some Photos

Photos could also help the personal injury lawyer get an overview of how the accident happened. However, you should be careful because the quality of the photos you take matters a lot. In fact, you don't need to take a lot of photos, but you do need at least a few quality ones. Photos are usually presented in court as proof of the injuries you sustained. So take quality photos of the defective product you consumed, the dog that attacked you, the car that hit yours, or the object or equipment that hit you. Then ensure you keep your phone in a safe place because the liable party might want to interfere with the photos you took. Also, don't give your phone to anyone else except your lawyer because they could delete the photos to weaken your case.

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