When Guardianship Is Important

Posted on: 16 November 2022

Guardianship laws are very specific, and they should be thoroughly understood if you have children. Unfortunately, many parents don't realize how important guardianship declarations can be. There are a few common situations where guardianship is an important consideration, and you need to understand when guardianship might apply. Here's a look at some of the situations where you should reach out to a local guardianship attorney for help. 

Are The Child's Parents Deceased?

When a child's parents pass away, it's important that there be a guardian appointed to watch over and care for them. In most cases, guardians are identified in a will, but sometimes parents pass away suddenly and without adequate planning. In either case, you should consult a guardianship attorney for support and information about the court's requirements.

Is The Child A Victim Of Abuse?

If one of the child's parents is abusive, it's important to consider a potential guardianship arrangement. Guardianship could help the situation by putting the child into a safer and more stable environment. It is important to speak up and protect children who are unable to protect themselves from abuse.

Is There A Problem With Addiction?

A child raised in a home that's affected by addiction or substance abuse often has to grow up and care for themselves at a young age. In most of these environments, the child's needs are simply not met otherwise, and they could benefit from a guardianship situation. You should consider looking into guardianship before the addicted parent becomes incapacitated or risks an overdose.

Are The Parents Otherwise Incapable Of Providing Care?

Even without abuse, addiction, and similar issues, sometimes parents are simply incapable of raising a child. If the environment is generally unfit and the parents are unable to care for a child but want someone in the family or a close friend to care for them until they are able to do so themselves, a guardianship attorney can help with that. In those cases, the parents are naming a temporary guardian to care for the child until they can take custody again.

Legal guardianship grants someone the legal authority to take care of, and make decisions for, a minor child. If you have a child in your life who is in any of these situations, guardianship is often the best resolution. Talk with a guardianship attorney today for more information and guidance. Your attorney will help you choose the proper path.

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