Child Custody Issues You May Want Your Attorney To Clarify Before Your Marriage's Dissolution

Posted on: 11 January 2023

Upon deciding to dissolve your marriage, you and your partner must make important legal decisions about your children's futures. This includes their custody, safety, and well-being. The decisions can be challenging, especially because the laws regulating parental arrangements vary in different states. Still, an effective way to determine how to handle kids' issues is by consulting an attorney. During your consultation, ask them the following questions to ascertain what decisions to make when drafting a parenting agreement:

Who Will Pay Child Support After Separation?

Your children must continue living a comfortable life even after the dissolution of your marriage. Therefore, the parent who will not be living with the kids will need to pay a certain amount for the children's upkeep. These funds will enable the custodial parent to provide the kids with their needs. You and your partner may agree on a figure and include it in your custody agreement. You will then need to present the document in court for approval. Significantly, your lawyer's assistance is invaluable in calculating an amount acceptable for your kids' care. They will do this by taking into account the rights of your children, the income you earn, the ability to make the payments, and the kids' lifestyle prior to the divorce.

Can You Disallow Your Partner to Visit Your Kids?

The court will make the final decision on who will live with the kids after your marriage's dissolution. Additionally, the judge will rule on when the non-custodial parent will visit the kids or when they can go with the children to their residence. If the court awards you custody, you must strictly follow the orders regarding visitation. This includes allowing your partner time with the kids as directed by the court. Failure to do this can lead to serious consequences, including penalties for contempt of court.

On the other hand, the court may deny visitation, and you have a responsibility to adhere to this decision. In addition, you must contact your attorney in case your partner threatens to hurt you if you don't allow them to visit the kids. Once you do this, your lawyer can help you get a court order to protect yourself and your children.

Consult a family law attorney if you have questions about children's issues and how to create a parenting agreement during your divorce. They will help you determine child support, visitation, and other issues without necessitating the filing of a court case. Your attorney will also assist you in drafting an agreement that focuses on the children's best interest to help ensure that it gets approved in court. 

For more information, contact a local family lawyer.


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