Keep These Things In Mind If You Want To Divorce A Mentally Ill Partner

Posted on: 13 September 2017

Divorcing a mentally ill person is both controversial and complicated. For example, some people think that you shouldn't divorce your mentally ill partner because of the "till death do us part" vows that people make while marrying. However, you aren't obligated to remain married to your partner just because they are sick. Just keep these four things in mind when gearing up for the divorce: Know the Whole Story First
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Living Wills And Powers Of Attorney: All You Need To Know

Posted on: 6 September 2017

Thinking about the loss of loved ones is nothing that anyone wants to think about. However, making end-of-life decisions is one of the most important discussions you need to have with those you love, for both them as well as yourself. As people age, these decisions become so important because having a plan in place makes the lives easier for everyone involved. However, it is also best that you have plans in place for yourself as well.
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Does Your Spouse Have High Tetraplegia After A Car Accident? Here Are Your Legal Options

Posted on: 30 August 2017

One of the most difficult things to face during a marriage is when a spouse has been in a car accident and sustained a severe injury to their cervical spine and now has high tetraplegia. Seeing your spouse in a hospital bed struggling to survive is emotionally challenging, of course. But then, to make matters worse, the enormity of the change in your financial situation due to someone's negligence can leave your mind reeling.
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A Dash Cam May Save You In Or Before Court

Posted on: 22 August 2017

It's not wise to think of road accidents as distant "ifs" to be worried about later. In addition to the many safety concerns, you could lose a lot of money and privileges if you're involved with the wrong legal opponent in an accident, especially if it's a case of fraud that you can't easily escape. Here are a few ways that a dash cam can help you avoid lies, mistakes, and frivolous claims on the road.
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