A Dash Cam May Save You In Or Before Court

Posted on: 22 August 2017

It's not wise to think of road accidents as distant "ifs" to be worried about later. In addition to the many safety concerns, you could lose a lot of money and privileges if you're involved with the wrong legal opponent in an accident, especially if it's a case of fraud that you can't easily escape. Here are a few ways that a dash cam can help you avoid lies, mistakes, and frivolous claims on the road.
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Even Better Than A Last Will And Testament: Revocable Trusts

Posted on: 9 August 2017

Many people say they want to create an estate plan that avoids probate, but usually, it is not possible to avoid that legal step entirely. You can, however, with careful planning, create an estate plan that keeps as much of your estate out of probate as possible. Revocable trusts are very similar to wills in the way they work but are far superior in some aspects. Read to learn about the similarities and differences between wills and trusts.
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Dads Wanting Custody Without Being Married: What To Do

Posted on: 2 August 2017

Whether you were married before the birth of your children or not, as a dad you still have a lot of love to give them. If you're seriously mulling over the possibility that you deserve primary or joint custody of your kids, however, you may need to accomplish the tasks below and secure professional help so that you can legally succeed. Take Paternity Tests Before anything else, paternity is something you'll need to legally prove when no marriage is on record.
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You May Be Entitled To Worker's Compensation, Even If You Work From Home

Posted on: 26 July 2017

Approximately 3.3 million full-time professional people work from home, or telecommute, each and every day. If you are one of these workers, you know that when you work from home, you have improved morale, increased productivity, and lower stress levels, but unfortunately you also have the potential to have on the job accidents. The only difference is that these accidents take place in your home and not in a space that is owned, or being rented, by your employer.
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