How Is Shoplifting Handled In Canada?

Posted on: 21 October 2014

There isn't actually a crime called "shoplifting" but it is covered under Canadian theft laws. Shoplifting usually falls within the laws for theft under $5,000 and can be handled in a variety of ways. Like anyone accused of a crime, you have certain rights you should be aware of. Having a lawyer present is one of those rights. Thefts Over and Under $5,000 in Canadian Law All thefts over $5,000 are indictable offences, which are more complicated and have much stiffer penalties.
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What To Legally Expect As A Salaried Restaurant Manager

Posted on: 18 September 2014

If you are just starting out in the hospitality industry as a salaried restaurant manager, you'll be paid a set salary instead of an hourly wage. This type of arrangement is attractive to many because of the additional benefits that come along with it. This guide will help you understand how this salary works, the type hours you'll be at the restaurant. and the perks you might enjoy. Salaried Employees Don't Get Overtime
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Moving After Divorce: Things To Keep In Mind

Posted on: 30 July 2014

Divorce brings many changes to your life.  When you are a parent, you may be surprised to find it can also determine where you are able to live or limit the area you can relocate to.  Cooperative parenting is always best for your children, but at times you may find yourself at an impasse with your ex-spouse. When you find yourself facing an angry ex spouse who isn't on board with your upcoming move, you may find yourself facing off in court and letting a judge decide if the move is going to happen or not.
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